Tiny Planet Defense - LD38

Tiny Planet Defense is a tower defense game, where you place weapons around the orbit of your planet to defend against an alien invasion.


We made it within 72 hours to the Ludum Dare 38, using MonoGame and MonoGame.Extended. The best part of the development was that I had no idea how to use shaders and learned a lot with this game, applying it on the damage effect (white flash) and two as post processors (scanlines and the Bloom Filter from @kosmonautgames).

Other interesting stuff is the pixel collision, that I archived to make it work with an animated spritesheet, rotated and flipped. First time making lasers too. All the source code of the game is here: GitHub - Phantom-Ignition/LudumDare38: Source code of the game "Tiny Planet Defense"
Be aware that the code is kinda mess, I had no time to do things the “correct” way :stuck_out_tongue:

Ludum Dare page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/tiny-planet-defense-1/


I’ve tried it - pretty cool. The feel is really good, the weapon impact and sounds are spot on. The buy menu was confusing at first

Hope the bloom filter worked ok for you guys. Note that the version you are using has a bug in OpenGL which prevents it from working when changing resolutions during the game, fixed in the current release though.

Thanks! Indeed, the buy menu is the worst part of the game in my opinion, I spent a lot of time fixing the bugs that it has and it still contains one or other that I could not remove. The bloom filter is awesome, thank you! I just had to remove a lot of it in the buy menu because the white text was becoming unreadable with the bloom, not a big deal, though.