Tips on fast based Network Game with Lidgren?


I’m interested in Online Multiplayer / Networking games with Lidgren.
Can anyone link to good tutorial / source code on making smooth, fast based network games? I think that Terraria uses it so something like that could be good start.

I have made very simple chat program in C++ using Winsock but other than that I have zero experience with Networking.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome.
I can tell you that what you want to do is really hard and will require a substantial amount of reading/learning if you’re starting from scratch.

You can begin here.
The stuff on that list is not Lidgren-specific but covers some of the basics of what you’re trying to do.
Feel free to add to the list or come back or pm me with specific questions.

Good luck.

If you are totally new to the MonoGame world and C#, There is a list of useful links to help you get going here:

Good luck and welcome to the community.

I just posted about MikeNET too which might work with MonoGame: