tool to create spritesheet

Years ago I wrote a utility to pack textures into a spritesheet. I have lost the code now. I’m in no mood to re-create it. Can someone recommend tool that does this?

Sprite Sheet Packer - A free alternative to TexturePacker (

Something like this?

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libGDX comes with texpacker.jar you can use if you are willing to install java

Copy it into the folder with the images and call it from command line like “java -jar texpacker.jar” which you can make a batch file to click on instead of having to actually use console

@poohshoes As a dedicated C# programmer, Java is my mortal enemy! Just joking, I’ll take a look.

Hi. There’s Free Texture Packer , it’s a free alternative to Texture Packer. I’ve made a lib to load the sprite sheets generated by it into Monogame. Here it is