Touch behavior issue with Monogame 3.4?

I upgraded from MonoGame 3.2 to 3.4 and I got this weird touch behavior when I dragged the screen then stop moving and keep touching the screen… I’m getting continuous movement.

if (touch.State == TouchLocationState.Moved)

…and for some reason, I’m getting the same value from prevLocation endlessly.

TouchLocation prevLocation;
touch.TryGetPreviousLocation(out prevLocation);

No issue in MG3.2 or am I missing something?

I did create a workaround which I store the previous position for specific touch id and it works, maybe for now.

What platform is this on?

Windows Phone 8

if I remember correctly I first encounter this issue on Android after upgrade but I’ll double check later.

Edit: ok it seems to be working fine in Android.