Touch input returning different values on Windows 10 Mobile


I’m using Monogame in a UWP project. On the desktop everything works fine.

On the Windows 10 Mobile TouchPanel.GetState() returns Y that is a wrong value, as I touch further down the screen the offset from the actual point Y becomes larger. For example if I tap at point Y 600, the value reported TouchPanel.GetState() is 650.

I’m using a SwapChainPanel to display the graphics in a grid, it is on grid row 2. If I do not set row (use the full screen) everything works.

Since X is correct I assume it is something to do with the SwapChainPanel not located at y = 0? But on the desktop it works properly.

Anyone know what the problem is?



Found the problem. The GraphicsDeviceManager.PreferredBackBufferHeight and GraphicsDeviceManager.PreferredBackBufferWidth has to be the same size as the SwapChainPanel