Touch lag on Android devices


I am seeing a lag between where my finger is on the screen, and the position returned from TouchPanel.GetState().

My understanding is that (Android) devices usually have a lag between the actual touched position and the one reported to software. However, the touch position I am seeing in Monogame seems to lag even further behind the position Android is using, and this is making the ‘lag’ considerably more pronounced.

I’ve screen-recorded a video of the difference between what Android is reporting as the touch position, and the position from TouchPanel.GetState():

Code here:

Has anyone seen this before, or have any tips for reducing/removing this problem?


Try to get the touch state on Update not on Draw and see if it makes a difference, I normally get input on Keyboard, Mouse, Touch , GamePad on Update.

I’ve moved the code to get the touch state into Update (from Draw):

It doesn’t appear to make any difference.