TouchCollection Not Clearing

I’m finishing up a Windows Store game targeted for Windows 8.1, and I have encountered a strange issue with the TouchCollection when using TouchPanel.GetState().

It works fine normally, but when I tap the screen with a bunch of fingers a TouchLocation with the Moved status gets stuck in the TouchCollection and is never cleared out. All subsequent touches are still registered, but index 0 of the TouchCollection continues to return that same TouchLocation with the Moved status, and the time it was registered remains the same.

I’m convinced that it’s a glitch with MonoGame, but I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and found a workaround/fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What version of monogame are you using?
This bug has been fixed since the current 3.2 release, so if you use the latest monogame from git (or from the buildbot) it should be resolved.
Under develop(win) click Artifacts, Windows, MonoGameInstaller-3.2.exe

I’m using the MonoGame 3.2 release from here:

Is the one you linked to more recent than the one on the Downloads page that I linked to?

The one I linked is newer yes. There hasn’t been an updated release in a while.

I have installed the MonoGame installer found in build #1500 on the site and ran my current project, but I am still able to reproduce the issue. I have also cleaned and rebuilt my project through Visual Studio. Is there something else I need to do to receive the MonoGame updates?

Sorry this is where my expertise drops off. I don’t use monogame through the installer.

Maybe check the resulting dlls it is using are the new ones, not the old ones.

If you installed through nuget before you’ll need to remove the nuget installed version.

I uninstalled my current version of MonoGame and reinstalled a new one and am still able to reproduce the issue. MonoGame.Framework.dll and MonoGame.Framework.Net.dll are from November 11, 3:40 PM (~3 hours ago). Are you entirely sure the bug is fixed?

I cloned the GitHub repository but do not know how to use MonoGame this way. As far as I can see there are no dll files I can place in my project for use. Do you have any advice for using MonoGame in this way?

Maybe it isn’t, but I did do a round of fixes on it.

For the git checkout:
run protobuild.exe in the checkout dir
This will make the csproj and sln files.

Remove the references to monogame.dlls from your project
Instead add the project Monogame.framework/monogame.win8.csproj and reference that.

Not sure about the file names, you should be able to figure them out.

If it still occurs, please create a small test project, write up some good instructions for reproducing and create an issue on the github project. Thanks!

I was successfully able to reproduce the issue on a test project and have posted here:

Thanks for your help so far!