TouchPanel GetState() and ReadGesture() problems

The first problem i have is with TouchPanel.GetState();, Somethimes when using more than one finger(fingers move constantly) it will return only one touch location even though there are two fingers on the screen. And it will keep returning 1 location until i move that finger. This is a huge problem for me because i lose track of one joystick.
The second one is related to Interstitial ads from adMob. Somethimes when i close the fullscreen ad gestures stop working Even though there were no fingers on the screen TouchPanel.ReadGesture(); keeps reporting the same drag gesture. My input Logic is in update method and looks something like this:
tLocations = TouchPanel.GetState();
gesture = TouchPanel.ReadGesture();
Both gesture and tLocations are static variables;
Any help with those problems woud be appreciated.