Transparency of WIndow

Hi. As default it was blue screen. I’v changed to “transparent”. Now it’s black screen. Is it possible to make black screen - transparent?

If you’re referring to the clear color, this is the color that the back buffer is cleared to, and not the color of the window that holds the MonoGame app.

That said, I don’t know if you can host MonoGame in a transparent window - I suspect no.

Depending on the platform, you could definitely make the window transparent.

However, I’m not sure whether the same can be achieved with the clear color and rendering of the 2D or 3D scene, or whether the rendering framework (DirectX or OpenGL) allows it.

I’ve made Windows applications with a glass background before, by extending the borders to cover the entire window. Together with a glow effect around text, it can produce really nice effects. But those were plain WPF applications and not games, which could be an entirely different ballpark.