Transparent color in Monogame

Hello, I used to XNA a few years and I’m trying to get back into making games and I’ve been messing with the new monogame library. I’m having issues with transparency. I made a .png (also tried .jpg) that uses magenta (255,0,255) which I remember working as transparency in XNA. I don’t remember if there is a setting I’m missing or maybe something changed in the past couple years but after searching the net I haven’t found any solutions. Thanks for any help!

Color key alpha only works when the PNG is processed thru the content pipeline. You must run your PNG thru the Pipeline GUI tool to generate an XNB to load thru the ContentManager.

How might I go about doing that, tried to find an article online but not coming up with much. Thanks

Some docs on the Pipeline GUI tool over here:

If you have more questions on it please ask me here, so I can use it to improve that doc.

Sorry I’m a noob with a lot of this stuff, I can’t figure out how to launch this project. I have monogame 3.2 installed but I don’t see this application anywhere

The pipeline tool is new… it is only in the latest nightly development builds or when you build from source code.