Trouble deploying my first Android Monogame project to the emulator

I’m brand new to Monogame Android, and I was just setting up the stock template and got it to build, but to deploy is not working, here is the error:

ADB0010: Mono.AndroidTools.InstallFailedException: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_VERIFICATION_FAILURE]

I want to give info about my environment. It’s VS2019, and I seem to have applied all the updates they offered to me. Today I updated it again and rebuilt the project, but it doesn’t work, same error.

Yesterday I was working on the build errors: changed the target API to android 10, it is not allowed to target lower is what it says, and also I changed debugType to portable into the project file. Those were the build errors. But as I said I am having trouble with the deployment.

More info: in VS, the green debug arrow points to Google G011A (android 7.1 - API 25). I don’t know what that’s about. It seems like it would be android 10 because that’s what it says in the properties.

I started working with the Monogame recently, so it should be the latest stable release. I actually started a few weeks ago and set it up like the instructions say online, with VS2019. So now I wonder if applying VS2019 updates affected it.

So, does anyone know what to do about this InstallFailedException error? Any responses/help will be appreciated.:slight_smile: