Trouble with Windows Compatibility: App Crashes on Startup

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering a frustrating issue with my MonoGame application on Windows, and I’m hoping someone here might have some insight. Whenever I try to launch my game on Windows, it crashes immediately without any error message. I’ve checked the event logs, but there’s no helpful information there either.

I’ve tested the game on multiple machines running Windows 10 and Windows 11, but the issue persists across all of them. I’ve also made sure to update all my drivers and DirectX components, but still no luck.

I’ve been digging through the forums and documentation, but I haven’t found any solutions that work for my specific case. Has anyone else experienced something similar or have any suggestions for troubleshooting?

Thanks in advance

Create a new monogame solution from the Visual Studio template but don’t make any changes.

If that also crashes, you have a config issue; if it doesn’t, it’s time to debug your code!

Hi @Mia_smith Welcome to the Community!

Could you describe your route to setup, this will help direct any future replies.

Also include your setup, Rider/VS/VSCode, etc.

Happy Coding!