Trying to do a fade effect.

Im trying to follow a game making tutorial by coding made easy. I have everything working but he programs it in XNA and Im doing it in monogame. There shouldn’t be many differences and I haven’t ran into any yet until now. I have a fade effect in my game and when I call IsActive = true it will constantly fade in and out which works fine. But when I try to change screens It doesn’t fade at all. I have watched it in debugging and the alpha changes and it is drawing so I have 0 clue on why its not working. Can someone look over the code and see?

The transitioning is made in ScreenManager.cs. To change IsActive so it doesnt constantly fade change IsActive to false in SplashScreen.xml

@buckley183, I’m not sure if you maybe missed providing it but you might get some more hits if you can provide some code for us to have a look at. :slightly_smiling:

I suck. Im so sorry LOL.

I followed this tutorial too, my implementation is working very well, you can check here. I created a fade-in on a black texture (1x1 px, scaled to fill the entire viewport), then when it is fully visible, I change the screen (logical part) and fade-out the black texture.