Trying to get started with MonoGame

Hello I’m trying to get started with MonoGame and I’ve created a new project when I try to build it I get the following error: The command “SETX MONOGAME_PLATFORM “PSM” > NUL” exited with code 9009.

I’ve installed the latest MonoGame 3.3 so I could try and use the pipeline tool since it looked the most like XNA. I was originally just starting to learn XNA 4.0 to find that XNA was dead. :frowning:

Currently feeling frustrated after about 3 hours of searching for how to get rid of the error and not finding any solution to getting rid of it.

In which environment do you code (op.system, visual studio version)?
Which template do you use (what is the target platform in the template)?

Yesterday I tried 3.3 with VS2013 Express and wp 8 project threw an exception (i am on win 8.1 pro). Wp8.1 on the other hand started without any problem.

Sorry forgot about that.
I’m coding in Visual C# 2010 and currently stuck still with windows XP as I’ve not had the money to upgrade to a newer version. :S

The target template is windows (directX).

MonoGame’s Windows platform uses DirectX 11, which is not available for Windows XP. You will have to use the WindowsGL platform which is OpenGL-based.

Well I guess I’m unable to use MonoGame until I get myself a better OS since I got this error when trying to run the Windows GL project:

yeap. no wonder you get error with windows xp. its so outdated. visual studio 2010 is also pretty outdated considering 2015 preview is out

Our content pipeline is 64-bit to cope with processing of large assets.

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I’ll just have to wait and just use XNA until I get a newer OS for my computer. That shouldn’t be an issue from what it seems as MonoGame piggybacks off XNA correct or did I misunderstand that?

We still remain compatible with XNA and can use content generated by XNA, but there is no real dependency on XNA any more (except for some model processing, but that is being worked on).

disregard, posted in wrong area, sorry.

If you get either of these errors when building a MonoGame Visual Studio solution/project:

  1. The command “SETX MONOGAME_PLATFORM “PSM” > NUL” exited with code 9009

  2. Metadata file ‘C:…\MonoGames\AGMGSKv6\AGMGSKv6Content\AGMGSKv6Content\bin\PSM\IgnoreMe.dll’ could not be found

You need to add the following to the front of your system’s Path environment variable.