Tutorial about game achievements and leaderboards? iOS and Android

Could you make a tutorial about Apple Game Center and Google Play Games Services?
There isn’t a single tutorial about using Apple Game Center and Google Play Games Services with MonoGame on the internet.

I want to send people’s scores to Apple/Google to create online leaderboards and achievements. In addition, people should be able to receive and see the leaderboards and achievements in realtime in my game. I want to create leaderboards/achievements for every level in my game and I want to sort the leaderboards by the highest points.

I recently did a small test regarding google play services on android, didn’t test it properly, just confirmed that it built without error. Anyway pretty sure this is the tutorial I followed:

Should be similar resources for iOS. Probably best to google for xamarin tutorials rather than monogame.

Thanks for the tutorial. But I need as well a tutorial for sending and receiving scores to Google Play Games Services and Apple Game Center. I want to create leaderboards and achievements.

Did you try googling Xamarin tutorials like I suggested? Isn’t really specific to MonoGame.