Tutorial on online gaming?


I’m not a professional programmer. i made a game and i’d like to make it online (fighting game). I understand the general principle but i’m totally lost on how to send or receive packets, manipulate the type of information i need to send.

I saw on internet that the lidgren libraryis good. Is it the best for monogame?
Do you know any tutorial on how to make an online game?

Thanks a lot.

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or more specifically:

XNA is basically MonoGame. Not sure how much online development the MonoGameTeam has done, but I’m sure it has almost all, if not all and more features than XNA by now.

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I can send you a really easy to use library if you add me on skype: acrew1979.

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Thanks IceIYIaN,
However, the catalog only use game for Windows live which i’d like to avoid.

Thanks Nullz, i’ll add you on Skype ta checl your Library.

Is MonoGame even using XNA’s old X-BoX LivE features? Can I use them on Windows 10? Cause it seems to me like you can only use them on XB360 and maybe Windows Phone 7/8. But XBLIG is gone and WP you have to be registered for the use of the XBL features. And you cannot use them on Windows, as Games for Windows is dead.

Is Lidgren built into MonoGame or do you need to download the libraries?