Hi everyone. I used to make video tutorials for many different languages and now Im thinking of doing the same with monogames.

So my question is this what do you want me to make monogame tutorial? And if so it’s there any particular area you wish me to focus on?


that’s good and very welcome, may I suggest to write about not so well covered subject ?
I don’t see any added value making the n-th tutorial about the same topic over and over like drawing a sprite, 2D/3D particle, drawing 3D models and/or primitives (see RB Whitaker, Riemers, XNA resources, digitalerr0r shaders blog, MS samples, and many others).

Also, you may focus on lack of current MonoGame documentation (even if it’s not video), for example shaders, there is no clear and up to date document about them (texture sampler which have been severely modified over time)

There isn´t single decent tutorial about state aware GPU particle system for XNA or Monogame (taking advantage of ability to sample textures in vertexshader). In fact there is one somehow decent tutorial about stateless particle system from MS (XNA example) that is getting seriously outdated. I really wouldn´t say that writing particle system tutorial would be going over “same topic”. Sure, talking about absolute basic here wouldnt make much sense but that goes pretty much for any area.

Anyway it depends heavily if you are more of a programmer or technical artist. For instance Monogame allows linear interpolation in floating point surface formats which means HDR rendering is a thing. Which means postprocessing can currently get near (or actually to) AAA quality and there currently aren´t many tutorials about that topic. Granted, it is quite specific but most of basic topics are kinda covered as Infinite said and since you are looking for suggestions that is one that came across my mind. Furthermore postprocessing is kinda nice for covering shader basics.

Do you want a topic that is monogame specific?
(Then I would like to understand why x-box controllers are required and perfectly good normal modern USB joysticks dont work, when they work for other windows games)

-Or are you looking for topics more about making games in generel?

Parsing XML files to make levels, maps.

Its just a few lines of code to read from xml :slightly_smiling:
Heres an example plucked from my game. It reads different things from xml, and applies that data to create new terrain types… Here, I load the name(a string) and the index number (an int) for the various terrain types…

using System.Xml;

XmlDocument xDoc = new XmlDocument();

foreach (XmlNode t_type in xDoc.SelectNodes(“terrain_types/type”))
terrain_types.Add(new Terrain_Type(t_type.SelectSingleNode(“name”).InnerText, Convert.ToInt32(t_type.SelectSingleNode(“index_number”).InnerText),