Ubuntu Software Center deployment - snapcraft example?

I just want to deploy my app for use in Ubuntu software center, how do I go about doing that?

I downloaded the Kickstart software and then renamed the files and copied them to my bin/DesktopGL/x86/Release folder. I also modified the script with the renamed files. That seems to work.

I’ve read thru the documentation on setting up a snapcraft.yaml and it’s really confusing to me. How do I set up a snapcraft.yaml file for deploying this?

Also does snapcraft need to check for Mono dependency or does the Kickstart take care of that?

I went ahead and posted this question on AskUbuntu as well:

Also I started working on an application to streamline the process, I want to make it easy to deploy games to Ubuntu:

Just gonna mention that MG will have a tool for packaging: https://github.com/MonoGame/MonoGame.Packager I don’t have time to work on it right now, but once my exams pass I’ll finish it up. Currently it can only generate Kickstart zips.

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Cool, seems like it will be pretty nice once you’re able to finish it :slight_smile: