UI Issue: Japanese Text (Hiragana etc.) won't display

Hi. I’m trying to type in Japanese, but the text input doesn’t seem to be recognising the characters.

I’m also using Myra for my UI so I’m not sure if this is a Monogame issue or a Myra issue. I’ve already added the TextBox to MonoGame TextInput code so that it will accept non-ASCII characters.

When I type in Japanese, it just appears blank. Nothing gets printed. But when I paste the textbox content into Notepad, the Japanese characters appear.

EDIT: It’s not just input. It won’t display any Japanese characters in strings.

Is this a MonoGame issue?
How can I fix this?

EDIT 2: Just tried to type Japanese into MyraPad and got the same issue, so likely a Myra problem. If anyone has any solutions, please let me know.

EDIT 3: Was a font issue. Text now displays. (Please feel free to delete this post.)

This is not a MonoGame issue, any character in the Unicode BMP plane including Hiragana.

As far as MonoGame is concerned, any single UTF-16 character is valid.

This appears to be a Myra problem.