Unable to build png Textures via Pipeline (sorted after Clean Install)

Just messing with MonoGame Pipeline for first time. So I tried to build a .png file, .wav file and a. .x Model file.

The .x model and .wav file built OK, but I cannot seem to build a Texture xnb from any .png graphic I use. Maybe MG: Pipeline not meant for converting .png files, because MG can build directly ?

Any advice appreciated.

Cheers for all the Great Work BTW


What kind of error / symptoms are you getting? Have you set the file properties to Content / Copy If Newer ?
Could also be related to your png exporter… If I remember correctly, there are some specific export settings that need to be set.

What is the output in the Pipeline tool or from MGCB.exe? I process a lot of PNG files through the content build pipeline without any issues. We need some more detail of your problem to find a solution.

Surely I need a Build Action, not a Copy, because I am attempting to create the XNB file.
See Below: I am attempting to convert CalibrateScreen.png

Are you using 32 bit Windows?

No, I am now using 64 bit windows, as I discovered I need 64 bit Windows to build MonoGames Projects, within Visual Studio. So this Content baseline Builder is running on a 64 Bit windows machine.

Note I can build .wav and .png files using the Content builder. I just seem to have a problem with .png files (I have tried all different types of png files, that build under previous XNA content builder.

It is not a problem with the PNG files. It cannot find FreeImage.dll that is used to load the images. This is usually installed with MonoGame if using the installer, or copied to the output directory if building from source. Ensure that FreeImage.dll is in the same directory as Pipeline.exe.

Yes I have checked and FreeImage.dll is in the same directory as the Pipeline.exe, within C/Program Files (x86)/MS Build/MonoGame/V3.0/Tools. As I did use the standard Visual Studio Installer. See below.

So I don’t see that as being the issue.

Note although I am running Visual Studio under Window 10 64 bit, Visual Studio 15 (Community edition) installed under Program Files(x86) directory, but I believe that is due to Visual Studio being x86 default.



(Similar thread at Windows 10 Insider Preview (10122) appears to break content pipeline)

I am running Win10 build 10130 and had the same problem. Fixed the problem by reapplying the VS 2012 c++ redistributable (x64). For some reason the VCOMP110.DLL was missing.

It’s not necessary to build textures to the Xnb format.
Set the build action in the pipeline tool to copy.
And save via File/Save in the menu bar.
Load your png as usual with the Content.Load<Texture2D>("CalibrateScreen") method.


Loading raw assets through the ContentManager will disappear very soon, especially now that the texture build pipeline has just been updated.

I reapplied the VS2013 (x64) C++ redistributable package. But I am not sure it recovered vcomp110.dll under windows, I note that Windows 10 has left this dll under Windows.old. Even copying thisdll made no difference.

Still not working.

I guess I will have to rebuild my whole environment when Windows 10 RTM comes out, and see if the MonoGame builder works under that.

Wait what? But none of the options shown in this picture would replace .png’s as lossless compressed textures? They are all either lossy or uncompressed (“No Change” blows a 1.4mb 2048x2048 texture up to 16mb, and DXT compression (lossy) gets me 4mb).

Am I missing something?

[quote=“Oblotzky, post:13, topic:2676”]
But none of the options shown in this picture would replace .png’s as lossless compressed textures?
[/quote]If you are referring to my comment about removing raw image support from ContentManager, then yes, there is no such thing in GPU land as a loss-less compressed image. If you are talking about PNGs as loss-less compressed, then that is in terms of file storage. When loaded into your game, a PNG is decompressed to a full 32-bit BGRA image. A GPU cannot use a PNG directly.

If you want smaller file sizes for textures on disk, then that is a separate issue. If you want loss-less textures (32-bit BGRA) but small file sizes, you will need to use a compressed archive of some sort, such as a zip file (which is basically what a PNG file is internally).

Yes I am referring to the size on disk, especially on mobile devices I see png’s as a gift. I guess I’ll have to look into how to load them manually in the future once the changes go live. Thanks for the reply.

Texture2D.FromStream will do the same as loading the raw asset through the ContentManager, except you will be responsible for disposing of the texture once you have finished with it.

OK after a Windows (RTM) 10 Clean install, and VS2015 RT install I installed Monogame 3.4 via installer.

Build Tool now works for me with png files, able to generate all my .xnb files OK again.

So I am a Happy Bunny again.