unable to get reference to work for Network and GamerServices

I am trying to port an rpg game from Xna to MonoGame trying to only change what is necessary and struggling a bit with not understanding what is in MonoGame.Framework ie functionality replaced and what is still in Microsoft.Xna.Framework being housed under MonoGame unchanged.
My rpg uses LocalNetworkGamer which I believe comes from Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices. I have a copy of MonoGame cloned from git and run the Protobuild and copied the DLLs into the same location as my exe and DLLs and added reference via browse to the DLLs but the using namespace wont complete.
It does not recognise the GamerServices extension in the using statement.
I have been back through the process and cannot see where I have gone wrong. Anyone able to give a hint? :frowning:

Its ok. Third time of checking and missed the mark.
The part of the project I was looking at was not in the area where I had done the reference. I have now added the references into each project so no more searching.