Unable to import custom font description.

I’ve created a LocalizedFontDescription class with the following public property:

[ContentSerializer(CollectionItemName = "Resx")]
public List<string> ResourceFiles { get; set; }

this reflects the following part in xml:


The reference to the dll containing the class was added in pipeline tool. When I run build in Pipeline I get error with invalid xml elemtn in .spritefont file. I’ve dug a little into the ReflectiveSerializer and I’ve noticed that function:

var attrib = ReflectionHelpers.GetCustomAttribute<ContentSerializerAttribute>(member);


private bool GetElementInfo(IntermediateSerializer serializer, MemberInfo member, out ElementInfo info)

returns null as if there was no custom attribute. Probably because of that info.Attribute.CollectionItemName still has it’s default value “Item” which causes the xml parser to crash when it encounters the Resx element.

I’m not sure why the attribute in not returned. The dll which holds the font description class is compiled using the MonoGame references so there shouldn’t be any problems with that. I know it’s not a problem to just change Resx to Item but maybe it’s something worth knowing about. Btw. I’m using MonoGame developer branch.