Unable to play Video - SetDisplay for MediaPlayer does not Work

Hi All,

I am having a huge problem with the Android VideoPlayer in the sense that I cannot get the video to play in my Monogame project.

Debugging the issue came down to the fact that when calling “SetDisplay” on the Android.Media.MediaPlayer object I receive in an error (shown here as debug output)

[MediaPlayer] setVideoSurfaceTexture
[MediaPlayer] message received msg=8, ext1=0, ext2=0
[MediaPlayer] unrecognized message: (8, 0, 0)

Here’s the play sequence as debugged step by step in the Android Monogame Framework:

1) Player = new Android.Media.MediaPlayer ();

The player is successfully created.


var afd = Game.Activity.Assets.OpenFd (FileName);
                    if (afd != null) {
                        Player.SetDataSource (afd.FileDescriptor, afd.StartOffset, afd.Length);

This yields:

[MediaPlayer-JNI] setDataSourceFD: fd 50
[MediaPlayer] setDataSource(50, 67011184, 15127034)

All OK here.

3) Player.Prepare ();

This yields:

[MediaPlayer] prepare
[MediaPlayer] message received msg=5, ext1=800, ext2=480
[MediaPlayer] New video size 800 x 480
[MediaPlayer] callback application
[MediaPlayer] back from callback
[MediaPlayer] message received msg=1, ext1=0, ext2=0
[MediaPlayer] prepared

All OK here as well.

4) Player.SetDisplay(((AndroidGameWindow)Game.Instance.Window).GameView.Holder);

This is where the problem is:

I receive:

[MediaPlayer] setVideoSurfaceTexture
[MediaPlayer] message received msg=8, ext1=0, ext2=0
[MediaPlayer] unrecognized message: (8, 0, 0)

I have checked all the objects in the SetDisplay’s arguments and all objects exist and are initialized correctly.

In particular, the Holder object which is a Android.Views.ISurfaceHolder represents a drawing surface with the following characteristics:

Also, the Surface is created as follows:

[MonoGame] Creating Color: 32 (8888), Depth: 24, Stencil: 0, Accum:32 (8888)

and confirmed to be created successfully by this message:

[MonoGame] MonoGameAndroidGameView Context Set
[MonoGame] Created format Index: 2099322, Color: 32 (8888), Depth: 24, Stencil: 8, Samples: 0, Accum: 32 (8888), Buffers: 0, Stereo: False

Of course that when I try to invoke the “Start” function, I get an error and no video is being played.

However, if I do “SetDisplay(null);” instead of supplying my surface, I do get to hear the soundtrack of the video (which is normal.)

Here are some things that I have tried so far:

  1. Made sure that the video resolution matches the surface’s resolution.

  2. Attempted all possible formats: Depth 24, Stencil 8, Depth 24, Depth 16, Default, etc.

  3. Call “SetDisplay” before calling “Prepare”

  4. Ensured that “Prepare” is called synchronously and only after “Prepare” completed, called “SetDisplay” as results from my previous logs that I’ve shown here.

  5. Made sure that the window that created the VideoPlayer was still around when attempting to show the video

  6. Validated (as shown) that the objects referenced in the call to SetDisplay, as arguments, were valid and initialized.

  7. Tried with the sample video that came with one of the examples of MonoGame

  8. Tried Monogame ver 3.5 as well as 3.6

… and probably some more that I forgot about.

Anyway, it is imperative for me to get the video working as it is an essential part of my project.

Please note that on iOS I do not have any problems; only the Android portion is giving me the issues mentioned in this post.

Any ideas will be very appreciated,

Thank you!