Unable to relaunch game


I have a problem with my game on Android. When I exit game, it’s task is still available (via Task Manager). This is correct behavior on Android. But unfortunatelly, when I press my game’s task from task manager or press app icon - game not starts. I could observe that:

  1. Music starts to play for ~ 1 sec
  2. Music then stops and nothing else happens

This is how I quit game:


protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime)
    if (SceneManager.IsFinished())

How to detect that I should recreate game ? Because when SceneManager.IsFinished() becomes true, I basically exit game, but when I recreate game, I should set isFinsihed property to false.

Don’t do any android stuff so this might not help, but what happens if you set the isFinished flag to FALSE just before the “this.Exit();” line within the braces?

Exacly, this is correct solution but I thought that somebody will post some cool callback method, like onGameRelaunch etc. Well, I think maybe Android’s Activity.onRestart is proper.