Unable to run monogame sample projects on macOS

Hello everyone!

I am a beginner and I am having trouble making some sample projects from the internet work.
I am using Xamarin on macOS and I followed the installation guide that most places seem to recommend (first Mono Developer kit then Xamarin Studio and then MonoGame itself).

First I tried running the samples from:

Upon opening Samples-OSX.sln on the root of the folder, Xamarin asked me if I wanted to use MonoMac or migrate it to Xamarin.Mac. I wasn’t sure which one to pick but neither ended up working in the end.
First I got errors saying that MonoGame.Framework.MacOS.csproj and Lidgren.Network.MacOS.csproj were missing. I got the files from:

After that I reopened the project and tried to run it. Plaformer2D accused 139 errors and they indicated me that the project was not seeing the monogame framework (e.g. couldn’t recognize Xna on Microsoft.Xna or Vector3 type).
I then manually added Monogame.Framework.MacOS to the project using NuGet.
After running it I got the following error:

~/MonoGame.Samples-develop/Platformer2D/Game.cs(46,46): Error CS0012: The type AppKit.NSView' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. Consider adding a reference to assembly Xamarin.Mac, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=84e04ff9cfb79065’ (CS0012) (Platformer2D)

I added the reference using a Xamarin.Mac.dll file from another project that I had created.

I then got an error with MediaPlayer but fixed it by referencing it again inside of the namespace.

The project then ran and tried to open the game but crashed a moment later without any error messages.

At this point I think that I must be committing a very simple mistake but I really don’t know how to proceed.
Can anyone offer a little hand?

Sorry in advance if I haven’t given enough details or given too many.

PS: I also tried running samples from the link below, but after finding some of the missing files all projects had errors related to MonoMac.OpenGL. I can be more especific on another post if needed, I just didn’t want to make this one any longer.