Unclaimed World - XNA 4, ported to MonoGame

Here I would like to showcase Unclaimed World, originally made with XNA 4, now ported to MonoGame (thanks to MonoGame dev team, and forum posters).

Unclaimed World is a colony sim game that takes place on an alien planet where you manage interstellar pioneers and their descendants.
The game draws inspiration from ‘The Settlers’, ‘Dwarf Fortress’ and Paradox games.

NEW: Release date: October 4th 2016


Let’s Play video:

Steam store page:



Wow, this looks awesome!

Thanks a lot! This is our first game, it was in development for many years, but we are proud of it.

The ported version was released today:

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Very cool art style! Good luck with the game!

Updated with release date:October 4th 2016

Already in my wishlist on steam since a few months :wink:

Cool! :deciduous_tree: