Uncounted Isles - A first-person fantasy roguelite RPG

Hello MonoGame Community!

After using MonoGame for many years, I’m thrilled to announce that my latest project, Uncounted Isles, is finally on its way to being released on Steam! The game will be available for Windows and Steam Deck at launch, with versions for Linux Desktops and maybe even Apple Silicon Macs coming later.

In this first-person fantasy roguelite RPG you play as a greenhorn adventurer sent to the Uncounted Isle Archipelago to deal with all the quests that the higher-ranked adventurers keep ignoring. You will go from fighting rats to bandits, the undead, and more. Search for missing items or villagers, dive into dungeons that threaten villages and find loot and trade with villagers to get the perfect equipment for your fighting style. You can sling spells or fight with a sword and shield to gain more experience and make a name for yourself.

The Adventurers Guild has been generous enough to grant you a death crystal for your troubles. Now dying just hurts (a lot), and you will lose any items or coins you took on an adventure. But on the bright side, you will awake in your safehouse should you die in a combat encounter.

Take a peek with this gameplay trailer and follow the adventurer on a quest to help a village that is being terrorized by bandits:


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Even if I am not creating 3D games with MonoGame myself, I am nevertheless very pleased to see that some community members are doing it :slight_smile:

This looks also like a quality game, nice work!

Keep it up and I wish you much luck & success for your game and release.

:: BlizzCrafter


We need a new 2023 showcase trailer :sob:


Thanks for reminding me but isn’t one of the rules that the game must have been released?

Thank you very much!

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I guess it has to be on the stores? check the first post.