understand my dottrace

I ran a dot-trace on my project , was wondering if anyone could help me understand please?
Thread 1 is where my code runs (i only get 33%?)
I loose 22% of that 33% on System.Threading.Thread.Sleep?
Is it part of framerate managment?

Anyone knows what happens in the other threads?

Did you disable VSync?
If you did, then update will sleep, to keep frames close to the FixedTimeStep.
Otherwise, you would see that time spent shifting to .DrawEnd()/.Present().

The other thread are probably DirectAudio/OpenAL, GC Finalizer, and other system threads.

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Thank you for the info @nkast
After further tests and some finesse in recording while the game was busy I can confirm that the sleep is only used when my game is not busy. :sweat_smile: