Universal App Support

Is there any status update about UAS? Or .Net Native support?

It would make creating cross platform wp8 and windows8 apps much easier.

The posts over the last year haven’t had any responses yet to this, has any progress been made? I heard that someone from microsoft was helping to fill in the gaps on windows platforms.

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Net.Native is possible on MonoGame. A couple of months ago I compiled my latest game with it with no issues.
About official support I don’t know, one requirement is native binaries from SharpDX.
I pushed a PR about this two days ago. https://github.com/sharpdx/SharpDX/pull/522

Meanwhile if you want to test it, you can install VS2015 preview and build your own x86/ARM ShrapDX from the above branch. Then you have to move those DLLs to your monogame project and do some changes as well to compile MonoGame as native x86/ARM. I don’t remember the details exacly.
I am here to help if you run into any issues.