Universal Virtual Reality Environment

Hi. Im working on a project to create a multi-user virtual reality environment with built in model editing, and environment building tools. Users can import their own models at run time, build their own environments on planets or smaller land area they rent, using models either created and imported or purchased in an online marketplace with virtual currency. The system would be based on a space based system, with star systems and planets. Users can rent a planet and create their own environment and then build games based on that location. As I say, models can be imported or even edited in world down to the vertex level. The project is not about creating a game, but a unified virtual universe for the players themselves to create their own games. Its a 3d project and we aim for as much realism as we can get. The project is already at an alpha stage with example software available for anyone to test right now. If anyone would be interested in joining us, please reply or PM. Also screenshots and mp4 videos are available if anyone wants to know more. Looking for interested coders that might want to collaborate on the project.

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