Unkown solution item type: PortableDotNet


finally was able to get MonoDevelop together with MonoGame working on my Linux machine.
So right now I’m using MonoDevelop and MonGame SDK 3.6.

I have a Library Project from my windows machine. Wich doesn’t want to open on Linux now. That’s strange. I have another project wich is loading just fine. Maybe because its somewhat special and because i created it in Visual Studio.

Okay, i thought, I just make a new project and put my files in there. But, when I try to use the project template for libraries

The project could not be created
Unkown solution item type: PortableDotNet

I am also missing some project templates. What about Android?

That’s strange… is your Visual Studio up to date? Microsoft deprecated Portal Class Libraries several months back (annoyingly) and now they’re listed under Class Library (Legacy Portable). They’ll still work, but I have to jump through a few hoops now when I want to make a new library, such as hand editing the csproj file to get the settings the same as my old projects.

The specific properties I had to ensure were set are:


Visual Studio didn’t seem to want to allow anything else, but hand editing the file fixed it.

Maybe that will help?