Upcoming Past - jRPG about ancient cultures in sci-fi

Hi folk. I have been working on simple game. In the future people forgot the past and lost immunity to mythical monsters. So an ancient warriors from the hard times save the world with a power armor and a magic of their own culture.

I have made about 20% of planned things. I’m a rookie in gamedev. So I would be happy to receive feedback and any advices. I would also love to have someone join the team to improve their development skills and share in the triumph of completing the game (with online beer party). You can write me here or my email kurkutovpa@gmail.com.


PS Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

I’m going to need to see some sort of ID before I can agree to that, sir. :slight_smile:
But the video looks cool, When I saw this was your first post here, I thought you sounded a little too ambitious, but what you have so far looks good!

I didn’t think about age restrictions :smile:

Thanks for good words!

This demo video shows different characters in the party. This is slavic characters:

  • Warrior with techno-sword to play the tank role.
  • Archer with futuristic bow to deal damage.
  • And herbalist. A old women to heal party.

Thanks for watching. I’m glad to get any feedback or an advices how to make the game better.

There are new monster sprites

Hi everyone.

I’ve done some experiments with combat track. So this is not what I wanted. But I hope a musician with master-skill will join to the team and create better thing.

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Another music experiment. This is closer to the tracks I want.

What do you think? Is this good to the game?

The animations for the character look really nice. There’s not really much to say besides that looks promising, as it’s an early demo version. I wish could understand russian to know whats going on lel

Thank you for feedback. I’ll make video in English for you later :slight_smile:

Hello everyone.

I’m experimenting with more colorful skills. Now the warrior is an Eastern Slav, an admirer of Svagor. Svarog is the god-blacksmith, the personification of fire. We tried to show this in the ultimate skill of the character.

What are you thinking about this? The sound effects is not good because I couldn’t find better ones and prepare they to game. So you are welcome if you have some ideas.

Hi everyone.

I’ve done new background in the combat. It is based on a picture created by a neural network. Of course I’ve made a lot of fixes.

Also I’ve drawn the bear-monster sprites and inserted it into the game.

So the game have everything about slav culture - the winter, the bear and the balalaika. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone.

The project is working in many directions, including rendering of monsters, backgrounds and, of course, mechanics.

There are a few interesting things with backgrounds. On the one hand, they have to create an atmosphere of a location. On the other hand, do not distract attention from the characters. Therefore, there are questions about the contrast of the background. Which option do you think is better?

Grey Worm


Deep Purple

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Hi everyone.

I’ve made a new monster - Volkolak. The monster uses a new form-changing mechanic when a certain number of hit points are lost. I also have made another variation of a slavic-style combat soundtrack. And the combat result modal has been improved to show the player progress after this combat.

Hi folk!

I’ve made a draft of Chinese-style things - location, hero and background soundtrack. A monsters from the Chinese mothology coming soon.