Updated https://github.com/damian-666/MGShadersXPlatform/

this is basically the sample that uses the core game dll and multiple thin launchers for desktop and phones. This is the only sample that shows the full power of MONOGAME, to have one codebase, no per target routine maintenance, and not repeat links to shared code or assets. it is working at least for development / test releases on your own code on net6/ mg3.81, while details and glitches get sorted out by the core technology. I have not deploy to android store successful and archine and sideload might now work.

any PR or feedback is welcome or other ways that are simpler, or just use it as a template if you are stuck and want to target mobile and desktop. it shows render target , at least one working clip mask shader, and shared assets. Blending is not perfect and there might be core regression but at least holes , masking work… Multisample in render target through the mask does not work on android but does on GL now…

but if i run a release build its on my phone , signed and works.

CHANGES: now you can touch ClipShader.fx contrl f5 it wil build, run deploy and show a new resullt, used to have to rebuild all.

NOTE: xamarin and emulation , sucks and is so slow… do i recommend plug in ur phone via USB and run it / or debug it like that. BUT there is a bug in VS2022 preview… choose the lowest target in the drop down ( mine says Samsung blah balh 2x)… then run it. otherwise it will try to deploy to stupid emulator and take forever to cancel.

you can see the commits as to what i did , i had to put embedded resource on the shader I’m working on so that it gets rebuilt. for final release tons may change and maybe the embedded resource tag , in MGcore, on the asset , will be trimmed or you can take that out and set it to None. if you do this to png files, it might cause bloat because you dont really want to embedded the sources. its just a trick for touching files to trigger a content rebuild.

the warnings are gone on my BASIC multitarget test rig for a basic clip shader and a shared Game/ asset Net 6 module …but i have no idea why or when those warnings went away or what i did., i and im moving on to my other issues with net48 /wpf/hosting MG. I hope it helps someone, AFAIK there are ZERO mg3.81/net60 samples that work, that show the power of Monogame, one codebase, with shaders, that can reach a billion devices, without much #fdefs, switches or even repeated links, or ANY routine maintenance per platform. i just dont have time to perfect ,it the point is i can work on my codebase again… im not going to deploy or release anytime soon or i would not have updated any tooling, but at least my stuff works and im on the latest toolchain even if its in heavy flux.

TESTED clip shader vs 2022 windows 11 intel on surface studio laptop, deploy to emulator and to ARM64 fairly new samsung android 31 phone.

i just got it so i can touch a shared fx file, build and run and see the changes on android, desktop GL and DX. if anyone wants to review or it try it or simply or correct it, your Welcome. its based on the old samples ut i dont have to link individual assets to each target, just the content.mgcb file.

I get an error when building with Visual Studio for Mac.
If I copy the dotnet mgcb command shown in the error message, paste it into the terminal and run it, it builds successfully.
I do not know the cause.

thanks for pulling and trying but ive never tried on a mac. however, i just updated it again and i screwed something up major ,last update a few hours ago…so if u clone now now it MIGHT work… the MG content refs, some got wildcards, and that was my booboo. now its all w the hotfixes,… mabye just pull and rebase and retry on mac. or a fresh build.

havent tried vscode, might work tho.

there should not be as many content builders either… the content is built by the target,not the core… but i had to put on in the core for touching fx to work. its frustration to make a change and not see a result without rebuild all so i made sure it could work even if just for development before we getg to the package , archive phase.

 Also my own project has MsBump on the core.. that is why it doesn't need the hack, somehow i touch an asset and build and its there in display.  thia msbump, might be obsolete or a newer way is possible, but its is on github and might make shared content work without it...because it bumps the build number version of the core assembly at every build.     i dont know for sure..

t. ive NOT run it on a linux box or a VM either, but the console GL theoretically should work on that.

just pc x64 under (AnyCPU)and droid and emulator.
m using ARM64, but I like ANyCPu or i get a ton of build config permuations. maybe for droid anycpu is ok, but i had to add arm64 to deploy to my phone.

i am trying to make the project as close to the templates as possible but there area alot of mac issues already going by my feed . the .config file at the soln root is key to how the content builder works. i put it in there tho. its in a .config file at the soln root.

so i just updated it again… I’m trying to figure out how to make it simplest… see my latest commit. but im still struggling to get back to my own issues , ( i needed to do get through lots more on this net6 mg3,8.1 update, but im set back 2 weeks, so please forgive the typos and the mess, i just wanna save some time for someone at least or share what im doing which i think is the best way, but not sure)

also i suggest unstill remove ur old net 3.1 … it might be in your PATH… but im seeing some issues about mac developemnbt going by you might wanna take a look… there are unmerged PRs…mabye too… i’d use a mac but it doesn’t have touch, i plan to use a cloud mac to test the ios build target linked to the shared core… its not been tested so i unload it… and im not doing an actual ARM release untill MSFT is done cranking out tooling changes with daily PRs and flux…thers just too much going on with that since there is a vs 2022 ARM native recently out that might make xamarin easier, esp on an ARM dev machine…