Updated imported Tiled Maps does not reflect in the Monogame project

Greetings dear community :slight_smile:

I’m quite new in Monogame… but rather than to excuse in it, it’s that as far as I’ve tried, I’m still stuck.

After quite an adventure to import my Tiled Map into my Monogame (thanks to Extended.Tiled and Content.Pipeline libraries); my issue is that, if I make any update in my original .tmx map file, the new version is not reflected in my game project.

I’ve tried so far cleaning and rebuilding my C# project, configure it to “Copy to Output if newer”, as well as cleaning and rebuilding in the MGCB Content Editor (even copying the .xnb files from …\content\bin to the debug). Is it there something else I can do to see, somehow consistently, the map changes?

Thanks a lot in advanced for the help :slight_smile: