Updated Net6 Console App Sample with Shared Netstandard Core, thin Android, Desktop GL and Desktop DX lauchers, shared shader building, shared content, and linked , shared MGCB file

thought this might help some other newbies realize the full power and potential of Monogame even if its can be painful to learn and current samples hard to find.

tested under win 11 and vs 2022.

A bare bones, no repeat code, Monogame 3.8 , Net Core 6, with working pixel and other shaders that compiles and works in desktop GL and WindowsDX, and hopefully Android, using shared linked content file, FX files.

if might need both netcore 3.1 and net6 installed because of the content pipeline and if it doesn’t just build and run let me know because new samples are hard to find and old ones waste your time.

Comments welcome especially if there is a better way but this seemed like the best way to organize and share code… i also use the netstandard modules in a use a wpf level editor that has the render target, the farseer physics engine and when i get to use a net6 EXE all that speeds up fine.

just touch an fx file in the MGCore/Content folder, build and test.

. I just spend a week googleing around , trying to clip a texture in my rendertarget using stencil, then blend modes and got frustrated so went to shaders and render targets so i can see what is happening and have more control and build more skills… and figured having a barebones sample would save people time because lots of stuff online is old , only works on DX, or includes old workarounds or special content builders and other desperate measures. The sprite batch is fickle around the blend states and such but ill put my render target mask clipper here if it get it isolated.