Updating monogame 3.5 to 3.5 with patch

I have looked around and can’t quite figure out how to update monogame, I don’t want to just download the new version and try install as I have had problems with reinstalling things over VS in the past so thought I would be safe and ask here,

Can I just download the new monogame installer and it patches or can I update internally via VS somehow?

My Specs:
Visual Studio Community Edition 2015
Monogame 3.5 (downloaded just before the patch release on 30th March)
Windows 7 64bit (if it matters at all)

Thanks for any help!

Yes in this case it is totally safe to just download and run the new installer… everything will be updated appropriately.

We don’t install anything “over” Visual Studio or modify any Visual Studio files. MonoGame is installed into its own directories.