USB Gamepad not connected on Mac

I’m trying to implement USB gamepad input in my game using GamePad.GetState(). This works great in MonoGame for Windows/Visual Studio, but my Mac build does not recognize the gamepad as connected. On every PlayerIndex, IsConnected = false.

I’ve tried several different USB gamepads, all of which work on MonoGame in Windows, but not Mac.

As a sanity check, I downloaded USB Overdrive on my Mac, and it detects the gamepads successfully.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem. I bought a PS4 controller to use on a Mac (getting my 360 controllers to work wasn’t happening for me) and I have the same IsConnected == false problem for all player indexes. The Mac definitely thinks the controller is connected, but MonoGame doesn’t.

I’m willing to buy another controller if that’s what it takes to check out MonoGame controller input on OS X Yosemite. Does anyone know of a specific controller that works on OS X Yosemite with MonoGame 3.4? Not trying to jack the thread, trufun202, I just thought trying a controller that someone knows works could help us both debug!