Use C# Monogame.Framework DLL and Microsoft.Xna namespace in F# Without Using F# Templates

I just wanted to test something out but I don’t have the experience in F# to do so. I’m just testing something out for fun. I’m obviously inexperienced with both coding and MonoGame.

Okay, so I’ve done something by adding the Nuget package to the F# library and now I need to set the MonoGame executable that happens when I debug to reference the F# code. Can anyone help me out with that?

On a completely related note, how do 2 or more languages with each other in .NET while still remaining one application. How does passing variables and such work? Can someone lecture me about this or give me a github repository of a MonoGame program you made with 3 or more .NET languages. It would be really cool to see how C#, F#, VB .NET, and IronPython work together in a MonoGame game. I’m actually completely new to .NET and coding in general.

Now, how do I use the F# class library? I’ve put using static ___ , using static___.Sprite and using static ___.Game1. How can I use the function inside?