Use TiledMap Renderer in Android?

Hey guys!
Yesterday I tried to port my Cross Platform Project on Android.
I used the TiledMap Renderer in the former project and tried to use it on android too.
unfortunately i ran into the … very straight forward Exception message “cannot load …map as non content file”
which really could mean anything :smile:

So i wondered if anyone of you already had some experience in using monogame.extended in android.
Especially when using TiledMaps, or if it’s not possible at all to use the TiledMap Renderer at all.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It should work in theory, although I haven’t tested it myself.

Can you figure out the inner exception? It usually has more information.

Also, what version are you using? The NuGet package or the develop branch?

It usually means the resource can’t be found. I haven’t done an Android game yet, but I know content is handled a bit differently. Not sure about the specifics though

I’m trying to get to the “inner” exception, but with no success :frowning:
i am currently on develop of monogame.extended
and i’m using the latest monogame framework release…

problem is,
i am building monogame.extended and reference the dll …
and debugging the external code doesn’t seem to work.
breakpoint on:
map = Content.Load(‘Map’);

On F11 … nothing happens,
on another F11 vs wants me to find a Uri.cs file
kind of confusing :smile:

I tried to put the extended source inside of my repository to avoid the dll…
but when i tried that, suddenly some errors occur in the android Activity… ^^"

Okay guys…
I tried that again from scratch…
new project, new content file… new simpler test map…
and this time i placed the tileset file in the same folder in which the .tmx was…

… it worked this time…
it loads the map… (didnt render it yet, but the content.load went through …)

It seems that in android the loader gets something wrong with the relative paths that are stored inside the tmx file…
so yeah @Jjagg … something could not be found as you suggested :smile:

I’m glad you got it working.

Not sure if it helps but there’s a menu option in the Content Pipeline called Debug Mode (Build menu). To be honest I’ve never used it before myself, but maybe that would help in future.