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Getting Started with MonoGame using Visual Studio

Get Started Tutorial: A UWP game in MonoGame 2D

A link to Visual Studio 2015 CE


Until the 3.6.1 patch is out to support Visual Studio 2017, I guess this is relevant…


A very useful and self explanatory URL


Be sure to fish about there for more…

Finally MonoGame made one of these types of lists! …erh have I said this already?

Another getting started guide on the same site as above

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Part I – Creating a Digital Hexagonal Tile Map

Part II – Using the Mouse to Scroll A Hexagonal Tile Map

Original source links

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Getting Started with MonoGame using XML

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Is this also valid for json files?

Yes, I’m using json files in custom content importers. You can also use the nuget of Json.Net.



Found here:

Windows 10 DPI Aware related

As requested @MrValentine , here’s my current collection so far (each are syndicated and have accompanying Annotated Videos and blog posts, just to cover all the bases:

Will try and keep this entry updated as more are added, I was aiming for 1 a month but it’s looking like every other month atm. Takes a lot of time to produce content to this level.

Feedback and comments welcome :smiley:


Another thing work highlighting is the XNAGameStudio Archive on GitHub

Started once the news about the Education library shutdown was announced and all the original XNA content is held here. Slowly but surely, these are all getting converted to MonoGame with an accompanying tutorial on the Darkside of MonoGame YT channel

Also started adding article archives as well now, starting with Shawn Hargreaves XML posts and plans to also grab all of ZiggyWare’s articles before they die on the webcache


MonoGame Visual Studio Templates

WOW been a while since I have been here, unable to edit my past posts [Or forgot how to?]


Hexagonal Maps – Part III: Selecting A Tile\Hexagon [Technical Blog]


Hexagonal Maps – Part IV: Highlighting a Selected A Tile\Hexagon [Technical Blog]

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Hey ! Welcome back :slight_smile:

After some time (how much ?) they get internally flagged as “archived” and no edit is possible. I noticed this too.

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Roughly 2 months yeah…

Hi @Alkher Thank you, Hope all is well with you, my life is improving now and currently in the middle of redecorating but starting to read up on MonoGame again [at this time still roughly 150 new posts to conquer, read 60~ earlier today, thinking to do 10 a day for the coming weeks… I do read every thread now, since early this year actually…]

Aiming to complete my web development studies and then get back into MonoGame and thinking…:

… Well I started playing SpeedRunners recently for about three months now and I like something they have on their home page/screen in-game… the various news feeds and the live Twitch.TV feeds list [they open your browser to the streamers page]

I am thinking to create a simple web app service which other MonoGame [New and Experienced] developers can implement into their projects and if I can get the help, get it on NUGet as well, it will be free from me, however I do have plans to create more advanced services as well, such as online synchronisation data storage - say game saves for instance - and such… probably won’t even charge a lot for those either, maybe ~£10/~$10 per licence per game project just to generate some income… something I am at a dead stop with at the moment… yay life :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinking about it, I could look into game level synchronisation services too, you know like DLC files such as the community workshop content in SpeedRunners… [I don’t know, won’t my service need to use the xnb thing to shift data etc.?.. need to look at the pipeline stuff again, hey an online service to process xnb’s and distribute them?] my aim with the idea is to create services which end developers can add to enhance their projects, without having to reinvent the wheel and then they can host the services themselves however they like [Well it will all be built on .NET 4.5+ so anywhere they can host the full package will run them]

The possibilities are endless and I wish to stray away from becoming a central hub service as that never does well for the gamers in the long run… Like all a developer needs to do it make the game not dependent on the service [optional services] and their games continue to work and function regardless of the services… or if they discontinue support for a game etc. then the gamers still have something worth playing… same goes for online network play, I plan to create a library that is P2P driven and server driven… still need to research that aspect…

Hmm, sounds like an open platform steamworks lol

Stay Tuned :slight_smile:


HMM… I wonder if any beginners ever find this thread?

Cyclone Game Engine Development

Some useful tidbits and more

I might as well put in a link to some of my own stuff for reference here.

So this is mostly concept demos, examples, random tests and stuff i have linked to before.


Anyways i made my own little rough draft example of a collision grid. It’s not that great but it is a rough draft.



Found this gem:

XNA Game Studio