User able to bypass interstitial advert

I’ve just incorporated interstitial Admob in to my game and everything works well except for an odd bug. If the user repeatedly taps the screen when the ad is just about to be shown they are able to bypass it and prevent it ever appearing.

Anyone have any ideas? Been over and over the code but just can’t see what can stop an advert after; has been called.

Only things I can think to suggest…

  1. If you have any code that programmatically closes the ad, throw a breakpoint in there and see if you hit it.
  2. See if you can reproduce this in a stand alone project with as little of your code as possible. From what I remember from when I was playing with the ad libraries, it was all mostly in a non-MonoGame dll, but also pretty isolated. Reproducing it outside your code will give you insight as to where the problem might be.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that should close the ad and the breakpoint didn’t reveal anything.

I’ve just tried to recreate this on a game published by someone else and was also able to bypass their ads so it looks an issue with Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Ads.Lite

Yea, that’s what I was hoping you’d be able to isolate with a standalone test, but if you can reproduce it elsewhere that’s a strong indication. You might want to log this with the Xamarin folks, that definitely sounds like undesirable functionality :smiley:

that definitely sounds like undesirable functionality

As a player, it sounds pretty desirable.

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