Users missing their profile avatars?

Hi there, I’m not very active here, but I visit from time to time to see if I can help in something that I still remember about. The other day I was looking around for an old question that had been bumped, and was surprised to find that while the question was still present, I couldn’t find my profile picture (Which at the time was still a system-assigned profile avatar). I was quite confused so I looked for my icon in the top right corner:

But was astonished to find it like so (Recreated for the effect):

So I went to my user profile the hard way (by navigating with the url bar and some trial and error) and reset my profile avatar (To the one that it is now). I thought nothing about it afterwards, but today I look closer and I find the front page (Of the community tab) looking like this:

So it seems that there’s a problem with the system-assigned user profiles. I’m just wondering if it’s just me, or if this is a site-wide problem (?).
PS. Logging back in and clearing the cookies doesn’t change it :confused:

Sitewide for certain…

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Yeah, I’m seeing this as well.

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It works for me now…
Maybe someone fixed this?

I noticed the issue for my account too. I just uploaded a new avatar and it’s fine. I noticed that the version of Discourse that this site runs is VERY outdated compared to what I run on my site. I remember that I sign in to my account using either Google or GitHub from memory (can’t remember if MonoGame actually lets you sign in through those so I could be horribly wrong).

I only mention that because Discourse will (at least it always does for me) pull your avatar from your Google account if you sign in using Google. It might do that with GitHub as well but I can’t remember for certain. Maybe the APIs for pulling said avatars have changed over time and this Discourse version no longer supports them.

Uploading a new avatar seems to work just fine though.

The ones using this linkage:


still are not working for me…

Well, that’s strange… :slight_smile:

I guess it’s up to the affected users to upload their own avatars instead of using what Discourse assigns to them.

Yeah, it’s really annoying seeing SSSSSSSSSS everywhere…


There was one time where every poster in a thread was an S icon, sure different colours but they were all pale magenta colours lol

Possible solution:

Tagging @Tom

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I’ll restart discourse tonight to fix it.


a side effect of this problem is that if you have the default letter, you can no longer access your private messages from the main page, as it’s the image used to link to your private section. (unless you have the link, of course)

You mean the user menu in the corner? Actually, yes you can. You just need to be on desktop and have some patience to hover over the area where the button would be. It’s still there but really thin.

Probably only an issue on non Edge or IE browsers as they just don’t use a failed to load placeholder… not an issue here, just lots of Polaroid images with an X in them

@Tom All icons are also missing on the forum for me, could you try a reset?


cough cough just going to bump this up a bit. The problem persists. 5 months later.

Cc @Tom any ideas on what to do?

Here is the issue.

We’re on an old version of Discord. The Discord team doesn’t support it anymore. The manual upgrade path… me upgrading from one version to the next in sequence… fails at one version with non-sense Ruby crap that i’ve yet to work out.

If i go reset the server and there is a problem booting it back up i just don’t have time to go fix it. That leaves the community site totally dead for a long time.

So we need to work out a plan.

@Jjagg @harry-cpp

To fix this someone needs full access and be very knowledgeable about Discord/Ruby/Linux. It isn’t safe to give some rando internet helper… as friendly and helpful as they are… full access to the server.

So what are our options?

@Tom I’ll take it! :slight_smile:


Fresh site with link back to this archived version? I don’t think there is any importance in keeping the content in a state where we can add to it, but perhaps the ability to link back to it in order to ‘resume debate/refer back to’, might be best.


Or we can ask active users to use a Temporary MG Logo avatar for their avatars, they would need this link to make the change