Using a custom-built version of MonoGame for game development

Hi there,

I want to make a game based on a hand-patched version of MonoGame Framework (WindowsDX one, to be precise). I downloaded the stable version of the framework (master branch) from Github, patched and built it. And then I found myself not knowing what to do next.

I use Rider as an IDE, but I’m not very familiar with the way it handles building and dependencies. As I understand, the recommended (and, unfortunately, the only one described) method for bootstrapping a game is to create a project via .NET cli. The problem is, it loads the framework from NuGet and when I try replacing the reference to the NuGet package with the path to the patched source, Rider forgets what System namespace and all of the standard C# library are.

So, what is the right way to create a game based on a custom version of MonoGame?

I’ve only done it with Visual Studio, so I’m not sure how the process differs for Rider, but maybe this thread is still useful to you. It explains how to switch from Nugets to custom-built dll’s in VS.