Using DirectMusic in Games

Does anyone still use directmusic or have you moved o another audio api. I only ask because I’m thinking about writing a wrapper dll in c++ to allow the playing of directmusic audio files.

DirectMusic was deprecated a long time ago (appeared in DirectX 6.1 and was last included in DirectX 8). It is not present in recent versions of DirectX, such as DirectX 11 that we use in MonoGame. Therefore it is not something that we will support in MonoGame.

I was last ever used in Dx9, but yes your right it is depreciated, however the system is still in place and can stll be used if you have the code, rumour has it MS had issues with the original writers of the code and pulled them from the dx project all together. Its a shame as its really great, basically render a file and just say loop and it does the rest till you say stop.

but anyway, regarding te wrapper, i started it already and last night and believe i should have it completed by the end of next week. So if anyone wants it, i’ll be happy to host it somewhere for a free download.

I would be interested in seeing how the wrapping works.

Basically you just pass the fie you wish to play, SGT or MIDI file then choose play or loop and the song will loop at the predetermined places that are set in the file, its streams instead of loading it, so there is very little in regards to loading time.
Just adding a configurable option to to it at the moment.

No I meant the wrapping code…

The wrapping code is in c++,

nvm… forget I asked :slight_smile: