Using FBX MODELS: FBX-Tokenize (offset 0x45de) block offset is out of range

I managed to import and use FBX models that have no texture or mapping, but when I try to add more complicated FBX models to the pipeline I always end up with:

error : Importer 'FbxImporter' had unexpected failure! Error importing file: FBX-Tokenize (offset 0x45de) block offset is out of range

The model was created in blender, I exported it into FBX with relative paths, and I only checked to export meshes (at first I tried exporting everything but I also tried without camera etc). I exported the texture separately and added the file in the same folder.

Anyone have any idea how to proceed? can someone confirm that blender-generated FBX even work?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

blender generated FBX work, that i can confirm.

I have also exported models with several million triangles, so that works too.

I don’t have blender and several programs installed right now, so I can’t tell you exactly what i did, but there was nothing special as far as i remember apart from ticking the “selected meshes” box

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Interesting, I tried exporting only selected object and select everything and it worked :slight_smile: I don’t know whatever hidden objects I had floating in my scene that messed MG up, but this is a good enough solution for now.