Using layerDepth with DrawString() and BitmapFont

I was testing out the BitmapFont functionality in my game trying to see if I could work as a replacement for my current usage of SpriteFont. Currently I supply a layerDepth in my DrawString() calls, is there any way to do this using BitmapFonts as well? Or is it already possible and I’m just missing something simple?

Rendering a BitmapFont is just like rendering a bunch of sprites. However, we haven’t currently got a DrawString method that takes a layerDepth parameter. It should relatively easy to implement yourself though.

Take a look at the current DrawString methods. If you want to do something quickly, just copy and paste them into your project and see how it goes.

I’ve raised a new issue to add more overloads.

Ah you’re right, thanks for looking at it for me, and the suggestion, I’ll try it out.

I’ve done this now and submitted PR #253