Using MonoGame with non-VS IDE?

Any possibility of using it with e.g. older version of xamarin studio/monodevelop? Meaning newest MG versions.

I absolutely despise VS and I’d prefer using another IDE as I’ve noticed VS is too smart fir its own good, messing with my indentation all the time and while it’s easy to disable that “help” in MonoDevelop, disabling it in VS is tad bit more complicated. All I really need from an IDE are syntax highlighting, code completion that doesn’t mess with indentation (meaning code editors like Notepad++ are out of the question because they don’t have any) and maaaaaybe form designer.

Please help me.

Sure, you can use any IDE/editor you want. The only downside is that templates are only installed for VS and MonoDevelop (I think you need 7.x for the templates to work), so you’ll need to create your projects from scratch to set it up if you use anything else. For VS Mac there is an extension that can create new projects from the templates.

There are plans for a standalone project creation tool, but there is no timeline for when it might happen.

Yeah, but how to setup it for MonoDevelop on Windows?

Ah, I thought they were installed by the installer, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case on Windows. You can get them from Tools > Add-Ins… > Gallery, make sure the beta channel is included, then search for MonoGame and you should find the MG template addin :slight_smile:

If you are a student or an open source dev you can get free license for Rider IDE.

You need 6.x to get templates for stable, tho there are alpha experimental templates that Dean has been working on for MD 7.

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I’ve been using Rider (in Linux), but the nuget package for MonoGame (DesktopGL) doesn’t work out of the box. I had to copy over all the files from a MonoDev template into my Rider project and mark them to get copied on build. I also had to bring over the default Program.cs and Game.cs files.

Am I missing something? Are there template for MonoGame in Rider that I maybe need to download? (I’m on an eval version of Rider but plan to subscribe soon).

There are no templates for Rider (yet?) and the 3.6 NuGets did not include the dependencies I think. This will all be less painful when there’s a standalone project creation tool, making it IDE independent (there will still also be templates for at least VS and MD).

I was thinking… Protogame is using Protobuild, yeah? And it generates nice Protogame projects. Couldn’t be Protobuild used to generate “pure” MG projects as well? Of course it would require cooperation between devs of the both projects, but I don’t see why this couldn’t be done. Why reinvent the wheel and make custom project generator?

Yes, there is a pull request up to integrate Protobuild Manager as the project creation tool, but it’s very much outdated and needs some serious work at this point. Link: