Using MonoGame + Xamarin.Forms

Hi, I need to do a cross platform application in which most of the content pages will be regular mobile based forms… so most of the Xamarin ContentPage(s) will be just xml formated UIs.

But a few of these ContentPages need to be interactive 3D, so I was wondering if it could be possible to integrate MonoGame in Xamarin.Forms so it can be initialized/release per ContentPage (multiple times within a single application execution)

I am aware that urhosharp is capable of doing that, but I would preffer to use MonoGame since I have more experience with XNA


@gitviper, I am also looking for same approach - do you got this approach working ?

I would like to do the same thing. Did you have any success with this approach?

I have 18 years of Firmware and Embedded development using C/C++ languages over multiple frameworks and platforms. However, I have no experience in game development. I have been learning about mobile development these couple of months. I have decided to use Xamarin.

But then these couple of weeks, I have been reading posts about MonoGame… I could not find anything posts that are recent. It would be fun if I can develop something with MonoGame framework. I really do not want to fall into another development paradigm.

I would really like to know anyone has successfully created a Visual Studio 2017 solution that have incorporated Xamarin and MonoGame. I do not need any game logic.

I really do not want to fall into another “rabbit hole” :rabbit: :hole: . I would like anyone else has tried it.