Using nuget in shell


I’m using ArchLinux, and i’ve installed nuget3 from the user repository…

I’ve installed Assimp with this command:
nuget install Assimp

Then the package was installed in ~/Assimp.3.0.0 , and its dependancies in ~/Assim.redist.3.0.0

how can i uninstall those packages ?

nuget delete Assimp3.0.0 gives me:

delete: invalid arguments.
usage: NuGet delete [API Key] [options]

It seems to me that this command is for removing packets directly on the packages-servers, right ? Is it possible to remove it from my local machine, without removing it by hand from ~/.nuget/ ?

And also, how can i list all packages already installed ?

nuget list works only for searching in distants servers.

nuget locals all -list : gives me the path to the package cache. But i can clear it, so i would lose my package list, and therefore it doesn’t seem very reliable for me.

Well, that’s all for now, thank you :slight_smile:

This is a MonoGame forum, and your question has nothing to do with MonoGame :confused: