Using Other DLL's in MonoGame Linux

Hi everybody,

I am new to MonoGame. I was using XNA in the past and I want to use Monogame with C# to develop a game based software. Can I use other classes. For example I would like to use DotSpatial or any other class. Can I use them to develop a game based software on C# to linux?

Thanks for your helps.

Yes, of course. By using Mono or .NET Core you can run any .NET library on Linux (as long as it doesn’t use Windows specific stuf).

What do you mean specific stuff?

I meant Windows-specific stuff, maybe the hyphen clears it up. Things that only work on Windows.

Libs that P/Invoke (.NET interop mechanism) into native libraries that are only available for Windows like Win32 Windowing or DirectX won’t work on Linux obviously.

This really isn’t specific to MonoGame btw, any library that works on Linux with .NET will generally work for your game. If you’re not sure about any library, just try it and you’ll know soon enough :stuck_out_tongue: